So, my story begins like most young tradies, left school early and started an apprenticeship as a Carpenter.

Being 17 years old I didn’t think too much about my body or if I was lifting something correctly because I was fit and healthy and felt fine at the time!

Obviously the longer I worked the stronger I got at lifting and carrying things and got used to working hunched over all the time.

As time went on my back would start to ache if I was laying timber floors all day or even if it was just a big day lifting and just being on my feet all day, I assumed that was normal, I would get home maybe do a half assed stretch for 2 seconds and that was it!

I had been qualified for a year or two and my back finally decided to give out on me! I was helping unload a steel delivery with another bloke on site and as I lifted one end of the steel I felt my whole lower back tense and clench and I could barely sit properly in my ute to drive myself home.

I saw chiropractors, myotherapists, I tried it all - and they did help for a little bit but apart from costing me an arm and a leg they weren’t long lasting solutions to my problem