Crook Lower Back

Lower back pain has to be the most common complaint we hear on the job site, I myself suffered from a f&$@ed lowerback for years.

It’s no surprise though given the amount of hard labour we put our bodies through being tradies and to be honest having acrook lower back just straight up sucks!

It’s harder to do things at work, it's uncomfortable driving home and once you get home you are even more taxedbecause not only have you worked all day your back is killing you!

It wasn’t until I tweaked my lower back at work so bad, I had to have weeks off that I knew something had to change. That’swhen I turned to Pilates and yoga.

The difference I noticed in just a week or two of doing these things a couple nights a week was insane, I could move morefreely, my lower back pain reduced and I was feeling stronger! Don’t be fooledyoga and Pilates is bloody hard work!

That’s why at One for the Toolbox we are so keen to help other hard-working tradies fix their lower back painthrough our 6-week body reno program!