Dodgy Shoulders 2

Tight or sore shoulders are almost as common in tradies as a crook lower back!


As tradies we use our upper bodies and shoulders non-stop, whether you are lifting things at work, driving your car orcarrying in a carton of Friday knock of beers for the lads on site!


One of the main causes of tight or sore shoulders is tight pec muscles! When your pecs are tight, they pull yourshoulders forward creating rounded shoulders which throws everything off.


Another major contributor to tight shoulders is the way us tradies work! Pretty much everything we do at work we do in frontof us which causes us to automatically hunch forward.


some killer moves I do to stretch out my pecs and get my tight shoulders moving freely are:


-      Standing pec stretches (using a doorway), perfect to do during work also!

-      Lying down pec stretch

-      Cross arm stretches

-      Strengthen upper back (scapular push ups)

-      Thread the needle

-      Cross over shoulder stretch